There are several dozen clinical trials on Acupuncture for Weight loss. They show that electro-acupuncture helped with weight loss in two ways:

  1. By increasing the feeling of satiety, and significantly inhibiting food intake.
  2. Increasing the number of healthy brown adipose tissue (fat) which is resistant to obesity, and can be burnt as calories.

Acupuncture for weight loss is not a stand-alone therapy but can be considered a valid treatment to assist a weight loss plan.

Mechanism of Action of Acupuncture in Obesity

‘A Perspective From the Hypothalamus’ -2021 ((1) summarises several research papers on appetite changes.

‘Electroacupuncture Reduces Body Weight by Regulating Fat Browning-Related Proteins of Adipose Tissue in HFD-Induced Obese Mice’ -2019¬†(2) ¬†talks about burning brown Fat.