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I’m Janine Nana, and I’ve been dedicated to practicing acupuncture since 2006. Armed with a Bachelor of Health Science (Acup), I furthered my expertise by becoming certified as one of just three fully accredited Neuropuncturists outside of the U.S.A. This journey led me to train extensively under the guidance of Dr. Michael Corradino starting in 2017, culminating in my certification in January 2020.

I am registered with the Chinese Medicine Board New Zealand, am a member of Acupuncture NZ,  and am contracted by ACC as a treatment provider. I’m a foundation member of Wellington’s Acupuncture for Mental Health Team AMH, and have completed Veteran Competency training. Previously, I co-founded the Fertility Acupuncture and Childbirth Team (FACT) but redirected my focus towards Neuropuncture studies. Whether you seek to enhance your health, alleviate pain, strengthen immunity, or are seaking adjunctive care for illnesses you are treating with mainstream medicine, acupuncture may help you.

Reframing my knowledge of classical Traditional Chinese Medicine in a neuroscience way made a lot of sense to me. Now a Neuropuncturist, I have a deeper understanding of the mechanisms of acupuncture treatments and can communicate with other healthcare professionals, in their own language, which is reassuring to patients and doctors alike. Being a Neuropuncturist also means mastering Electric Acupuncture techniques, enabling me to copy evidence-based protocols which, my patients appreciate.

What is Neuropuncture? It’s an acupuncture system incorporating neuroscience and other Western medical sciences into its clinical applications for pain management, orthopedic conditions, and internal medicine. It involves Electric Acupuncture (EA) which applies the theory to EA with neurologically based acupuncture points. It is a discipline that combines molecular biology, neurophysiology, nanotechnology, and published EA research. EA comprises stimulating the hand-inserted needles with microcurrent waves (including continuous waves and intermittent waves), which can enhance the effect of acupuncture.

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Appointments are 40 minutes and cost $89.00, and if you have an ACC claim, treatments are $47.00

My Clinic is at 32 The Terrace, Level 3. Here’s a link to my  Online bookings

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