These testimonials have been edited to comply with section 58 of the Medicines Act.  The reasoning behind this is that the act believes that testimonials are almost always anecdotal without professional observation and without relevant objective scientific indicators. So while I can make people feel comfortable, display knowledge and instill confidence in my patients, they can not say my treatment helped. I was given this Top Revies NZ logo to use as my Google reviews are many. For Google reviews ..follow this link.

Anita was a patient of Fertility Associates “I went to see Janine when I started IVF, as I had read that acupuncture has been proven to increase the rate of IVF success.  Janine has a lovely serenity about her and I quickly felt comfortable talking about what had become an increasingly stressful situation.  She had clearly undertaken extensive research into infertility and the range of treatments available, from both the ‘medical’ and ‘alternative’ perspectives.  She worked out a program of acupuncture that supported the different stages of IVF treatment. I felt a lot less stressed.  She talked me through the program and adjusted it from time to time depending on what was going on. Janine’s calm and supportive approach was also a great help, and she recommended a supplement to support development of healthy eggs.

I had a high number of viable eggs for my age (I was 40 at that point), a much higher than average number of viable embryos, and I am now 31 weeks pregnant with a very active little girl.  I kept seeing Janine for acupuncture in the early stages of pregnancy and she recommended a good natal support supplement.  I wholeheartedly recommend Janine to any woman who is looking for support and treatment for fertility issues.”

Danielle had long term anxiety and panic disorder “I began weekly sessions with Janine about 5-6 months ago after my anxiety peaked at its highest in years. At this stage I had been undertaking cognitive behavioral therapy for panic disorder for a number of months, and found that it was not working as well as I had hoped. I had heard that acupuncture was great for reducing anxiety and stress levels, and I was curious to try it.

During my first session, Janine made me feel very comfortable and I was able to discuss exactly what my problems were, and what I hoped to gain from our sessions. She offered a number of different acupuncture points treating both my anxiety at its core and its side effects, such as irritable bowel and insomnia.

I began to notice changes to my anxiety level after about 2 or 3 sessions. I felt less anxious in situations where I previously would have found unbearable. I felt more at ease, and experienced far less panic attacks than I had in the months prior. After each session I felt regenerated, relaxed, and more comfortable in doing things that I previously had found too difficult to do. Because I was undertaking both treatments at once, I found that acupuncture enabled me to better open up and respond to CBT as well.

After about two months, I was able to move to fortnightly sessions, which I very much look forward to! Janine had also prescribed me with some Chinese herbs which I have also found very effective for keeping the anxiety at bay between sessions.

I would recommend that anyone with panic disorder should try acupuncture alongside their traditional treatment. Prior to acupuncture, I struggled to even leave my house without having anxiety – now I am able to enjoy life without the constant fear of having an attack. That’s not to say I don’t experience anxiety now and again, but when I do it is far less severe than it was 6 months ago, and only continuing to get better. “

Meenal preparing to give birth “I went to see Janine for pre-birth acupuncture. We welcomed our daughter on 12th May and it was a really positive birth and not too long as well. My midwife was really impressed with Janine and said acupuncture had done a great job to help me have such an easy birthing experience.”

H.A preparing for birth “I gave birth to our son two weeks ago, went into spontaneous labour that lasted 1:25!  No drugs (no time), and no interventions necessary. I pushed for less than ten minutes. My OB couldn’t believe how fast it was. He was still in his civilian clothes and didn’t have time to change! I had my partner use the acupressure points during the early contractions, they were really helpful. Having a good plan about pain management made a huge difference. The speed in which I dilated; I went from 6 cm to holding a baby in 40 minutes. It was really an intense labour but I am glad we did it without any interventions and pain killer free. Jesse was 2.58 kg (5.08 pounds) and is doing well.”

Lisa was on her first IVF ” I have a phobia of needles but due to ongoing infertility issues and an upcoming IVF cycle I decided to try acupuncture and was recommended to Janine Nana at City Osteopaths. Janine has such a calming, kind nature I instantly relaxed and looked forward to our acupuncture sessions.

I recently found out I am pregnant. I would highly recommend Janine to any woman experiencing infertility issues.”

Gillian M. with sciatica “Early in my second trimester I had bad pelvic and sciatic pain. So bad I could hardly walk. After having a couple of different treatments that made no difference I went to Janine for acupuncture. I’m walking freely again, no pain and enjoying my pregnancy again! Thanks so much, cannot recommend Janine enough.”

Kate had extremely heavy periods What was becoming unmanageable every month is now something that can be managed comfortably.

I’m Pregnant! I wanted to thank you so much for providing such amazing pre-ivf preparation/care. I’m convinced the difference in quality was down to the supplements you suggested (particularly CoQ10) and the awesome ……We also have 2 top grade frozen embies!”

Nicole post miscarriage  “My partner and I tried for two years to get pregnant following a miscarriage in 2011. A friend suggested I see Janine and great news…. I’ve had two positive at home pregnancy tests!!

Suzanne M. with low immunity “I initially tried acupuncture at City Acupuncture because I had problems with poor immunity and low energy. I was always getting sick.

Mark K. bilateral Achilles tendinitis “For the last two years I had suffered from a sporting injury that just would not go away, I tried anti inflammatory drugs Physiotherapy and finally surgery. Unfortunately for me none of these treatments help relieve the pain. With my options for rehabilitation nearly exhausted my wife suggested that I should try acupuncture.

Anna had hip pain“I went to Janine to see if she could help me to fix a ‘hip’ injury I’d been struggling with for over a year. It had been a long process of getting treatment, then seeing a small improvement, then I’d be back to square one.

Then I went to see Janine. Janine is a wonderful listener and has a lovely, calm manner. I felt at ease immediately. She quicly identified the problem area (not the hip), and talked me through my options for treatment. I don’t notice the needles at all – there is no pain whatsoever. At every appointment we discuss the effect of the last treatment and agree on the next one. As a “patient” it’s great to be included in the process of healing. I thoroughly recommend seeing Janine, and have mentioned her to my friends. And my osteopath is thrilled with my progress. Apart from her skill, Janine is a lovely person to deal with, and I enjoy every session. Thanks!”

Monica Tresch – Shingles. I am a 47 female and I am usually in good health.  However recently I got a bout of shingles.  I had a bad rash, felt very unwell and had extremely low energy as Shingles affects the nervous system.  The doctor prescribed Acicoliv, Panadol and lots of rest. I heard that acupuncture was useful as well, so I contacted Janine Nana to book a number of acupuncture sessions. I would highly recommend acupuncture, but see your GP first.