I have a particular interest in fertility. Having devoted nearly all of my postgraduate study to fertility, I have put together some information to help you learn about some of the ways that acupuncture may help men and women with fertility issues.  Like a naturopath, I can recommend and supply supplements and herbs to help with egg and sperm quality, promote healthy oxygenated blood rich endometrial lining, improve implantation, increase progesterone, and for the older mum to be there is even a supplement that has been shown to ‘turn back the clock on the age of the egg’ (4).

For anyone just beginning to try and make sense of their bodies in regards to fertility, I can help.  I can teach you about the phases of your cycle and explain what your hormones are doing along the way. I can show you how to chart your cycle and recognise when you are ovulating.

You may have already experienced an assisted reproductive technique such as ovulation induction or IVF, but for those who are new to Fertility Associates and other fertility clinics, I can help you understand what is going to happen, what the drugs are, and what the tests all mean. I have worked onsite at Wellington’s Fertility Associates and have independently worked in a complementary way to support their clients since early 2006, and understand the protocols used in their assisted reproductive treatments.

Research has repeatedly demonstrated that acupuncture increases blood flow to the uterus and ovaries, regulates the hormones involved in follicular development and implantation, and reduces stress (7) and anxiety (8). In men, it can increase the number of normal sperm.

Research has also shown that acupuncture may benefit embryo implantation and ongoing maternal tolerance of the developing fetus.

Acupuncture has also been shown to be a therapeutic treatment option for threatened miscarriage.

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Best wishes on your fertility journey!

If you are unvaccinated and would like to see me, please email me and I will arrange a time to see you. I respect your choice. I ask you to declare your status to me out of respect to the vulnerable status of my patients trying to conceive, or who are pregnant, or patients with multiple health problems. It’s not that I think you may be contagious, it’s about ensuring my vulnerable patients feel safe. Many thanks.

Online bookings are easy, or phone (04) 499-1439 to speak with reception.

Another option to consider is telehealth, where you can get my professional expertise without acupuncture.

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