Parkinson’s Disease

Acupuncture can not heal Parkinson’s Disease, but it may slow the progression of the disease. Patients with Parkinson’s disease who were treated with acupuncture, and other related therapies, and combined with conventional medication exhibited significant improvements in motor function and experiences of daily living.

The following study showed that acupuncture treatment not only treats the brain where the dopaminergic neurons have been lost which is the hallmark of Parkinson’s disease (PD) but is also helpful for coping with non-motor related symptoms and overall quality of life in PD patients

Applications of Acupuncture Therapy in Modulating Plasticity of Central Nervous System

The above article concluded that evidence has demonstrated that neural plasticity, mediated by acupuncture in neural disorders such as Alzheimer’s disease, Parkinson’s disease, and depression, shows evidence of the positive role of acupuncture-induced plasticity.

Clinical studies have shown that acupuncture is beneficial for PD patients, especially for reducing the required dose of medication and related side effects (Acupuncture for Parkinson’s Disease: Efficacy Evaluation and Mechanisms in the Dopaminergic Neural Circuit)