While the primary treatment for migraines is drug therapy, acupuncture is gaining increasing attention as a viable addition to the treatment management of migraine patients due to its measurable effects on both the duration and frequency of migraine attacks. Many studies suggest that acupuncture is a safe, helpful and available alternative therapy that may be beneficial to certain migraine patients. (1)

I apply neuroscience to my approach to treating migraines and tinnitus. In my treatment, I target the trifacial nerves, the inner ear nerves, and the plexuses of nerves from the neck (cervical and brachial).  I have found this to be very effective in the majority of Migraine cases and tinnitus that is not due to aging.

This research paper, Effectiveness and Safety of Acupuncture for Migraine: An Overview of Systematic Reviews  “found a high quality of evidence indicating that the effective rate of acupuncture was superior to western medicine in the treatment of migraine. Besides, acupuncture reduced more headache days and the times of using painkillers and was more effective in reducing the frequency and degree of a headache than western medicine and sham acupuncture”.