DNA Testing for Genomic Wellness

Ever wanted to know what your genes say about you? How to stay well, based on your genetic information and a growing body of research on various gene polymorphisms. Saliva is collected in a special vial, and posted to SmartDna in Australia. 6 weeks later I  will receive via email your 99 page SmartDna Genomic Wellness report. I will go through your SmartDna report with you so that you can look at it and understand what it says. This can be done via Skype, or in my clinic. I will also give you my written report, which will become your ‘go t’o wellness plan. It simplifies a very complex report for easy every day use.  I am happy to email samples of reports, and they are available at City Osteopaths to view. Please ask reception.

It is important to understand that just because you don’t have a gene for a particular disease, doesn’t mean you won’t get that disease. And likewise, just because your genes show the potential for a health problem, does not mean that it will happen. But you will know your potential problems and how to best avoid these. The report does NOT include cancer genes, but does include cardiovascular and Alzheimer genes. You may chose to not have these tested. But my thinking is wouldn’t you want to know if at the same time you are  given advice on how to protect yourself based on current research?

The cost all up is $596.00. Think of it as a ten year wellness plan. You won’t waste time on types of exercise and diets that don;t suit you, or money on supplements that simply aren’t going to work for you. Email me if you are interested or have questions.